Names of Deceased in Fulton County, Pennsylvania Cemeteries

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24,210 Records
Name Cemetery Birth/Death Dates Spouse Parents War Service
ALLER, Peter BUD HILL FARM IN NARROWS d-1 Dec. 1839; Age 95y (Single marker in cow pasture NW of house on Bud Hill Farm in Narrows)
ALLER, Raymond D. b-25 Dec 1943, d-11 Dec 2021 w-Judy (Cutchall) Aller p- Bryce and Rebecca (Batdorf) Aller U. S. Army
ALLER, Robert C. McCONNELLSBURG LUTHERAN d-15 Mar. 1887; Age 8m23d p-Rev. E. W. & M. A. Aller
ALLER, Sarah Jane HUSTONTOWN b-1844; d-1922
ALLER, Susan KNOBSVILLE REFORMED d:9 Sept. 1875; Age 65y7m4d h-Christian Aller
ALLER, William KNOBSVILLE REFORMED d-20 May 1898; Age 50y1m4d
ALLER, William TONOLOWAY BAPTIST b-30 Sept. 1895; d-31 August 1896
ALLEY, Barbara A. b- 3 Sept. 1951; d-6 Nov. 2016 h-Gregory Kearnes p-Robert and June Eckert
ALLISON, Elizabeth L. UNION d-30 June 2002; age-82 h-? p-?
ALLISON, Francis R. UNION b-4 Sept. 1916; d-3 Feb. 1973 w-Betty Morton p-Frederick & Louise Allison WW II
ALLISON, Judith UNION d-24 Dec. 1946; Age 2y6m
ALLISON, Maggie BETHLEHEM b-4 Jan. 1857; d-6 Nov. 1940
ALLISON, Maggie L. V. BETHLEHEM d-21 June 1886; Age 1y7m29d p-G. B. & M. Allison
ALLISON, Missouria WHIPS COVE d-5 May 1906; Age 64y4m17d h-N. Allison
ALLOWAY, Alice J. CENTER b-12 Sept. 1871; d-25 Nov. 1956
ALLOWAY, Anne F. WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIAN b-12 Mar 1867; d-6 Aug 1887 p- Eli & Mary Horton Alloway
ALLOWAY, Catharine Maude CENTER d-25 Jan. 1904 p-R. L. & I.Alloway
ALLOWAY, Catherine NEW GRENADA b-1845; d-1935 h-William Alloway
ALLOWAY, Coral Hannah BETHEL, NEW GRENADA b- 25 Feb. 1896; d-4 March 1982 h- James K. Alloway p-Benjamin and Anna Jane Beers Price
ALLOWAY, Daniel K. CENTER d-4 Feb. 1968; Age 82y w-Eloise K. Alloway
ALLOWAY, Edmund A. NEW GRENADA b-1873; d-1906
ALLOWAY, Eloise K. CENTER b-1892; d-1974 h-Daniel Alloway
ALLOWAY, George W. NEW GRENADA b-1883; d-1929 w-Laura Alloway
ALLOWAY, Ida CENTER b-1873; d-1951 h-Richard L. Alloway
ALLOWAY, Infant CENTER d-11 May 1897 p-R. L. & I. Alloway
ALLOWAY, James K. NEW GRENADA b-30 Dec. 1887; d-28 Feb. 1965 w-Coral WW I, PFC Reg. DET 153 Depot Brig.
ALLOWAY, Jay W. CENTER METHODIST d:5 May 1979 w-Mildred Stevens p-Newton & Alice Witter Alloway WW I
ALLOWAY, John NEW GRENADA d-17 June 1890; Age 83y4m23d
ALLOWAY, Laura Edwards NEW GRENADA b-1891; d:1938 h-George Alloway
ALLOWAY, Mack C. NEW GRENADA b-19 August 1893; d-17 Feb. 1975 WW I
ALLOWAY, Malcolm R. NEW GRENADA b-10 April 1901; d-9 Nov. 1957 w-Alice Anderson p-Richard L. & Ida Gracey Alloway
ALLOWAY, Martha NEW GRENADA b-20 Dec. 1891; d-17 July 1892 p-J. & M. M. Alloway
ALLOWAY, Mildred W. CENTER b-2 Oct. 1900; d-18 Sept. 1977 h-Jay W. Alloway p-John & Elizabeth Shue Stevens
ALLOWAY, Myrtle CENTER b-14 Oct. 1898; d-29 Mar. 1994 p-Newton & Alice Witter Alloway
ALLOWAY, Newton H. CENTER b-16 Jan. 1868;d:20 May 1910 w-Alice J.
ALLOWAY, Richard L. CENTER b-1873; d-1937
ALLOWAY, Samuel S. NEW GRENADA b-9 August 1878; d-21 Feb. 1974 w-Mary Day Foreman p-William & Catherine McClain Alloway
ALLOWAY, W. Paul NEW GRENADA b-1898; d-1951 w-Zola
ALLOWAY, Walter G. NEW GRENADA b-1890; d-1963
ALLOWAY, William NEW GRENADA b-1840; d-1913 w-Catherine
ALLOWAY, Zola M. NEW GRENADA b-4 Feb. 1897; d-3 Nov. 1979 h-William Paul Alloway p-George W. & Myra Mills Bolinger
ALVAREZ, Walter b-4 May 1972; d-24 July 2018 p-Harold Gress p-Letecia Reider
Amanda Covalt Humbert b- 26 Oct. 1860; d- 1 Dec 1933 h- George W. Humbert p- John and Frances Covalt
AMBROSE, Foster S. HUSTONTOWN b-15 February 1882; d-1963 w-Nellie Bauman p-William and Margaret Wible Ambrose
AMBROSE, Frederick S. HUSTONTOWN b-1918; d-1938 p-Foster & Nellie Ambrose
AMBROSE, Margaret H. HUSTONTOWN b-1862; d-21 Oct. 1939; Age 77y5m3 days h-William Ambrose
AMBROSE, Nellie L. HUSTONTOWN b-12 June 1891; d-16 Nov. 1978 h-Foster S.Ambrose p-Edward & Cordellia Haney Bowman
AMBROSE, Olive Gaynell DAMASCUS b-1897; d-1960
AMBROSE, Omer Lewis DAMASCUS b-1883; d-1960
AMBROSE, W. H. HUSTONTOWN d-29 April 1898?; Age 10y8m28d