Cemeteries in Fulton County, Pennsylvania

Name Description Latitude Logitude Images
Akersville Methodist Brush Creek township; 191 marked graves; earliest Ephrim Akers died 1817; copied from Latter Day Saint (LDS) microfilm of 1956 (Address: S Valley Rd, Crystal Springs, Pa) N39°58'39.584" W78°11'54.002"
Alexander Family
Amaranth Brethren Union township; 48 graves when copied by the LDS in 1950s; earliest Frederick Spade died in 1887. Photographed in 2003, 118 graves. From Warfordsburg take Rt 484 West, then Rt 731 North for 3.5 miles to crossroads, across from Fairview schoolhouse (Address: 2709 McKee Gap Rd, Warfordsburg, PA) N39°47'55.346" W78°16'38.906"
Amaranth Lutheran
Antioch Christian Thompson township, Timber Ridge; large cemetery copied by Sam Buterbaugh in 1960s; earliest George & Margaret Peck died 1863. Photographed in 2004, 41 graves (Address: 7902 Timber Ridge Rd, Needmore, PA) N39°49'1.191" W78°7'3.669"
Arlington National Cemetery
Asbury Cemetery Licking Creek township, along Route 30 west of Harrisonville; Methodist Church cemetery copied by Floyd Sipes about 1977. Photographed by Bob McKinley. Older obituaries sometimes refer to this cemetery by location as Green Hill Methodist. (Address: 7404 Lincoln Hwy, Harrisonville, PA) N39°59'32.331" W78°5'1.358"
Ayr Township
Bernhard Family Bethel Township; west side of Route 522 opposite Bethel Church Road, perhaps 12 graves but only 2 markers; copied by Roy Mills and Margot Helms in September 1982
Bethel Primitive Baptist until 1960; now Bethel Community Bethel Township - 45 graves copied from LDS microfilm; earliest John Emry died 1793 (Address: 1040 Bethel Church Rd, Warfordsburg, PA) N°39 58' 12.05 W°78 5' 28.390
Bethlehem Todd Township along Peach Orchard Road; formerly United Brethren, then United Methodist, now inactive; copied by Sam Buterbaugh in the 1960s; earliest Shaffer child died 1855 (Address: 2507 Peach Orchard Rd, McConnellsburg, PA) N39°58'12.058" W78°0'28.390"
Big Cove Tannery Lutheran Ayr township along Route 522; 61 graves copied by Hazel Harr in November 1977; earliest Lusanna Tolbert died 1873 (Address: 14660 Great Cove Rd, Big Cove Tannery, PA) N39°50'58.968" W78°3'9.470"
Big Spring Ayr Township, 3 miles south of McConnellsburg turn off Route 522 on an unpaved farm lane at a PA Historical marker and travel about 3/4 mile; cemetery may date from the 1755 Great Cove Massacre; 110 legible markers plus field stones; copied from published 1934 National Genealogical Society Quarterly by Thelma Lee; earliest legible marker Robert Taggart died 1803. (Address: turn at lane after 18331 Great Cove Rd, McConnellsburg, PA) N39°53'4.954" W78°0'27.067"
Black Oak Mennonite Union Township (Address: 2247 Stoneybreak Rd, Warfordsburg, PA) N39°44'45.061" W78 °14'24.052"
Buck Valley
Buck Valley Christian Union Township; follow Rt 484 West and take the first hard road on the left after the Hendershot cemetery; follow for 1 mile, passing Ritz Bros Store (Address: 2281 Harmonia Rd, Warfordsburg, PA) N39°44'53.864" W78°17'29.610"
Buck Valley Lutheran Union township; 137 graves copied from LDS microfilm; earliest Fisher children died 1862; along Rt 484 about 1 mile from Buck Valley Park (Address: 5739 Buck Valley Rd, Warfordsburg, PA) N39°46'5.229" W78°17'41.191"
Buck Valley Memorial
Buck Valley Methodist Union township; 214 graves copied from LDS microfilm; earliest Elizabeth Hoopengardner died 1859; along Rt 484 across from Buck Valley Park (Address: 6628 Buck Valley Rd, Warfordsburg, PA) N39°45'57.018" W78°17'1.758"
Buck Valley Presbyterian Union township; 3 graves copied from LDS microfilm; dating 1869-70; along Rt 731, the church and grave sites have been vandalized N39°44'53.7" W78°17'28.3"
Burnt Cabins Dublin Township; about 350 graves copied by Sam Buterbaugh in early 1970s; earliest Mary Kelly and Ann Pym died 1830. (Address: off Great Cove Rd, Burnt Cabins, PA) N40°4'31.967" W77°53'44.988"
Burnt Cabins Presbyterian
Calvary Baptist
Cedar Grove Christian Bethel township at Dott; copied by Sam Buterbaugh in 1960s; earliest Jacob Winter died 1851 (Address: 5806 Flickerville Rd, Needmore, PA) N39°48'55.052" W78°11'36.664"
Center Methodist Taylor township; about 450 graves copied by Tom Duffey and Glenn Cordell in September 1982 (Address: 3195 Doran Rd, Three Springs, PA) N40°05'53.757" W78°3'10.105"
Clear Ridge Dublin township at Methodist church; about 500 graves copied by Mildred Henry and Joann Orwall in 1984; earliest Joannah Wible died 1838 (Address: 3886 N Clear Ridge Rd, Hustontown, PA) N40°5'42.395" W77°59'30.756"
Corner Ayr Township, originally a Reformed Church cemetery, later United Brethren, organized 1843; 42 graves copied by Hazel Harr in 1977; earliest William Conrod died 1844; believed to have many unmarked Negro graves. (Address: 1160 Corner Rd, Big Cove Tannery, PA) N39°50'14.621" W78°2'7.202"
Crawford Farm Brush Creek township near Amaranth; 9 marked graves copied from LDS microfilm
Crystal Springs
D. Black Farm Taylor township; 2 legible Horton markers plus fieldstones; copied by Ned Knepper in 1978
Damascus Thompson township, Christian church; 393 marked graves and 65 unmarked ones recorded by Bruce Douglas, secretary; earliest Pittman infant died 1809 and Benjamin Shives 1739-1813 known as Union Chapel before 1903. (Address: Big Cove Tannery Rd, Mercersburg, PA) N39°45'41.521" W78°6'12.892"
Davis Lane Taylor township; 16 legible, 8 illegible, and 6 field stones copied by Ned Knepper in 1980; earliest Chesnut died 1833 N40°2'24.8" W78°2'31.1"
Decker Family Licking Creek Township; 3 marked graves on the original Decker farm, copied by Cleo Decker Fisher; earliest Adam Decker came from Germany died 1838
Deneen Burial Ground Union township Located in State Game Lands #128, near Amaranth Exit (# 163) of I-70. Take the dirt road off of T401 about 50 yards north of interchange to a turnaround; cemetery is nearby. (Address; Old 126, Crystal Springs, PA) N39°47'58.883" W78°14'48.085"
Diehl Brush Creek township, Whips Cove on farm settled by Solomon Diehl; 8 graves copied by Donald R. McKee, with note that other Diehl markers were moved to Whips Cove Church in the 1880s.
Dubbs Dublin township near Burnt Cabins; 5 marked graves copied by Clara Louise Dubbs in October 1978; earliest Sarah Long died 1848
Dublin Mills Dublin township; new cemetery, only 1 marker in 1982 for Ray Long died 1980
Ebenezer Methodist Belfast township near Needmore; copied by Sam Buterbaugh in 1960s; earliest Fanny Truax died 1851 (Address: 226 Ebenezer Church Rd, Needmore, PA) N39°55'31.971" W78°8'22.724"
Englert Farm Todd Township near Knobsville; 16 graves copied by Sam Buterbaugh in the 1960s; earliest Fanny Truax died 1851 (Address: Narrows Rd, McConnellsburg, PA) N40°1'28.594" W77°56'24.131"
Ensley Brush Creek township - The Ensley & Rohm Family Cemeteries are located near each other at the top of the hill above Union Christian Cemetery in Brush Creek Twp (Address: Old 126, Crystal Springs, PA) N39°56'53.716" W78°14'1.309"
Fairview Taylor township at United Methodist church, 3 miles west of Hustontown; about 250 graves copied by Roy and Jennifer Cline, Tom Duffey, Glenn and Connie Cordell on August 29, 1982. (Address: 2288 N. Hess Rd, Hustontown, PA) N40°3'11.798" W78°4'30.865"
Farm Taylor township; copied by Ned Knepper mostly unknown names; 3 on Edwards farm, 2 on Cordelia McLain farm, 5 on Harry Knepper farm, 10 on Reed Feight farm, 1 on Black farm, 4 on Harper tract
Field Taylor township, copied by Charles Edwards in 1982; 2 Barnett markers on Mountain Road in Charlie Black's field; 1 Sipes stone lying on ground near Donald Gracey's home