Names of Deceased in Fulton County, Pennsylvania Cemeteries

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Any or all of the search fields above can have a word or phrase entered for searching. The Obit text search field allows searching the full text of each scanned obituary and provides a wealth of information for researchers. For instance, a search on "teacher" turns up hundreds of records that contain that word. Not all of these would necessarily be teachers, but the vast majority of obituaries containing the word "teacher" are probably the obituaries of teachers since "teacher" is not typically a part of a person's name. The same is the case with other occupations such as beautician. However, searching for occupations such as "farmer" or "barber" will return not only people who engaged in those professions but also some with either "farmer" or "barber" as part of their name. A search for "London" brings up those who worked at Londontown in Hancock (as well as anyone who just has the word London in their obituary). Because Londowntown is frequently hyphenated in the obituaries, it is better to search on "London" in order to return all obituaries which state that someone worked as a Londontown employee. (Londowntown was a sewing plant in Hancock, Maryland that is no longer in business.)

NOTE: In the listing of Deceaseds, if a cemetery name is followed by an asterisk (*), then the cemetery name shown was part of original work and there is currently no link to a Fulton County Cemetery found in the Cemetery Listing. The "Cemetery (legacy data)" field is used to search this information. This legacy data was entered free-form and, while standardization was attempted, it was not perfect and misspellings exist.

24,271 Records
Name Cemetery Birth/Death Dates Spouse Parents War Service
AUSTIN, Mary Elizabeth Green Hill Presbyterian No dates
AUSTIN, Mary Rebecca Green Hill Presbyterian b-1844; d-1850
AUSTIN, Rebecca Green Hill Presbyterian b-1791; d-1859
AUSTIN, Rowland Green Hill Presbyterian b-1818; d-1897
AUSTIN, Susan M. Green Hill Presbyterian b-1828; d-1905 h-1)John Calvin Fletcher; 2)Major Rowland Austin p-Mr. & Mrs. James King
AUSTIN, Walter Green Hill Presbyterian b-1878; d-1878
AUSTIN, William Chalmers Green Hill Presbyterian b-1851; d-1854
AUSTIN, William L. McConnellsburg Presbyterian d-21 Jan. 1843; Age 3m24d p-J. C. & S. E. Austin
AUSTIN, William Morrison Green Hill Presbyterian b-1878; d-1878, age 7m14d p-Rowland and Susan Austin
AWKERMAN, Benjamin Curtis Center Methodist b-4 Dec. 1864; d-3 Dec. 1929
AWKERMAN, Fannie Jane Center Methodist b-20 June 1886; d-15 Dec. 1906 h-B. C. Awkerman
AWKERMAN, John Judson Center Methodist d-27 June 1916 4th Regt., U. S. Marines
AWKERMAN, Nora Gladfelter Center Methodist b-22 Feb. 1880; d-12 August 1965
AXON, Milburn E. Wells Methodist b-1889; d-1945 WW I, Pvt. Co.I, 66th Inf.
AYERS, Mary J. Cromwell (Junie) CROMWELL b-4 July 1857; d-1 October 1955 h-Arthur D. Ayers p-Thomas and Matilda Everhart Cromwell
BABSON, Mahala Lanehart Amaranth Brethren age about 79 h-(1) Denton Lanehart; (2) George Brabson
BACHTL, Celia McConnellsburg Methodist d-26 Oct. 1864; Aged 11y11m6d p-Joseph & Elizabeth Bachtl
BADALAMENTI, Luciano b-28 August 2015;d-2 February 2019 p-Vincenzo and Antonina DiMaggio Badalamenti
BADGLEY, William H. Union Christian b-26 Oct. 1863; d-15 August 1879
BAGEANT, C. Preston Zion Lutheran d-19 July 1982, Age 80 w-Mary Elizabeth Potter p-Homer T. & Laura E. Sirbaugh Bageant
BAGEANT, Frederick E. Zion Lutheran b-20 May 1925; d-8 January 1976 p-Cleo Preston and Mary Potter Bageant
BAGEANT, George H Zion Lutheran b- 17 Sept 1928; d- 30 Mar 2000 w-Nadine Y. Mitchell p-Cleo Preston; & Mary Elizabeth Potter Bageant
BAGEANT, Janice Nadine Buck Valley Lutheran b-15 November 1931; d-31 August 2014 p-Harvey J. and Viola Taylor Pleasants
BAGEANT, Mary Elizabeth Potter Zion Lutheran b-25 September 1901; d-3 January 1995 h-Cleo Preston "Dick" Bageant p-Joseph David and Anna Enora Bedford Potter
BAHRENBURG, Clinton K. (Rev.) Buck Valley Christian b-10 April 1947; d-29 June 2004 w-Debbie H. Harclerode Bahrenburg p-Richard and Maude Frances Waldman Bahrenburg Jr.
BAHRENBURG, Maude Frances Buck Valley Christian b-22 January 1919: d-20 October 2013 h-Richard Bahrenburg p-Frederick and Florence Penfold Waldman
BAILEY, Anna Oakley Methodist d-6 August 1878, Aged 44y8m27d h-John Bailey
BAILEY, Candis Renae Akersville Methodist b-04 Aug. 1980; d-19 July 2007 p-Thomas L. Donahue & Velma M. Bowman
BAILEY, Elias Tonoloway Primitive Baptist b-31 May 1791; d-6 April 1861
BAILEY, Elizabeth Tonoloway Primitive Baptist b-4 June 1831; d-12 August 1867 h-John S. Bailey
BAILEY, Elizabeth Tonoloway Primitive Baptist b-13 Dec. 1829; d-21 Dec. 1917
BAILEY, Elizabeth F. Tonoloway Primitive Baptist b-18 Sept. 1860; d-8 Nov. 1941
BAILEY, John T. Oakley Methodist d-2 Dec. 1897; Aged 72y2m7d Co. K. 29 Regt. PA Volunteers
BAILEY, Mabel b-8 March 1905; d-6 August 1964 h-Alva I. Bailey p-Chas. W. and Mary E. Price Jackson
BAILEY, Martha A. Oakley Methodist d-21 August 1878; Aged 14y9m29d: p. J. T. & A. Bailey
BAILEY, Mary J. Tonoloway Primitive Baptist b-23 Sept. 1858; d-27 Dec. 1862 p-John T. & Anna Bailey
BAILEY, Ray McConnellsburg Presbyterian d-23 August 1884; Age 29y4m3d
BAILIE, Thomas D. Akersville Methodist b-21 Dec. 1925; d-24 March 1997; age-71 w-Elizabeth D. Deale p-Thomas Bailie and Elizabeth Caton
BAIN, Alonza Union d-15 August 1919; Age 7m19d
BAIN, Alvin C. Jr. Damascus b-17 Jan 1946, d-16 Feb 2023 p-Alvin C. Bain Sr. and Margret (Smith) Bain U.S. Air Force
BAIN, Bessie C. Union b-1 Oct. 1908; d-15 Feb. 1991 h-John Bain p-Elmer & Ellie Shaffer Seiders
BAIN, Carl E. Sr. Union b-25 September 1927; d-19 November 2010 w-Huldah M. Decker Bain p-John and Bessie Seiders Bain US Army, Korean War
BAIN, Catherine Union b-22 March 1874; d-20 Dec. 1960 h-John Bain p-John and Martha Gordon Harris
BAIN, Clarence* Damascus b-3 November 1885; d-1960 w-Catherine Cora Gordon Bain p-John W. Bain Army 1908-12 Cuba
BAIN, Cora C. Damascus d-18 June 1984; Age 87y h-Clarence Bain p-Albert & Clara Carbaugh Gordon
BAIN, Donald Reed Union b-30 March 1926; d-26 Feb. 1998; age-71 w-? p-John and Bessie Seiders Bain
BAIN, Eddie E. Fort Littleton d-15 August 1874; Age 1y8m2d p-Wallace Clinton & Florence Cowan Bain
BAIN, Estalee Marion Damascus b-25 November 1932; d-23 June 2012 h-Russel E. Bain p-Reed W. and Virginia Gordon Johnson
BAIN, Estella Dorothy Union b-8 September 1905;d-30 June 1930; Age 24y p-Mr. & Mrs. John Bain
BAIN, Ethel Ida Union d-26 June, age 56 h-Luther Guy Bain p-William and Ettie R. Hardy Mercer